New construction Hye - Argex

The first official brick of the new offices of Hye and subsidiary Argex was laid on 11 November 2011 by the Mayor of Kruibeke, Antoine Denert, and the Alderman for Small & Medium-sized Businesses and Local Economy of Zwijndrecht, Ann Van Damme.

About 80 guests, including people from the main contractor, Cordeel, and the architectural office, Jaspers-Eyers & Partner, witnessed this momentous occasion. Over the years, Argex and Hye have become well-established names in the business world of Kruibeke and Zwijndrecht. After having operated separately for many years, the parent company and the subsidiary decided to ‘move in together’, at the Kruibeeksesteenweg in Burcht.

Beside Hye and Argex, the new office building will also house another subsidiary, Bremcon, and in total, approximately 250 people will be employed there. Currently, all these employees are sprea across the 51-acre site that stretches between the E17 motorway and the river Scheldt, often even in temporary container offices. The new offices, consisting of a ground floor and three stories - in total approximately 2,500 m² of office space, will be built in panels made out of Argex grains. This is being done to meet the express request to use as much own material as possible. In the spring of 2010, the negotiations with the architectural office Jaspers-Eyers started .This agency was selected because it is a highly renowned agency and because Argex and Hye were looking for an attractive and representative building with grandeur. It will be a multifunctional and flexible office building that will provide the necessary comfort in addition to a low energy consumption. The construction started in September 2011 and were scheduled to be completed by October 2012. In addition to the construction of a new office building, a 40 m by 84 m hangar will also be installed and a new entrance will be created alongside the new office building for the loading/unloading of the trucks with Argex grains. This will replace the current entrance which is positioned in a relatively dangerous bend.

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