In Ham and Olen: Construction of a hydroelectric power station

Project description :

In order to make it possible to pump water from the water level of lower pond to the water level of upper pond in situations where it is difficult to maintain the water level on the Albert Canal, pumps will be installed at the push-towing locks of Ham and Olen. Since the pumps will only be required for a short period of the year, and there will be a water surplus for the majority of the time, the systems will have a combined function of pumping-turbining, in order to generate green electricity.
The works at the lock of Ham started in the fall of 2010, and the 4 jacks were installed in the building in the spring of 2012. These giant turbines will have the capacity to generate green electricity for 10,000 families , they are 21.5 m long and weigh approximately 65 ton.

Client : NV DeĀ ScheepvaartĀ 

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