Hye has moved to a brand-new location

After the inauguration of the new offices in February 2013, the steel workshop, workshops and warehouses moved permanently to the new site in Burcht.
The new site, with an area of 20,000 m², is strategically located on the banks of the Scheldt, which gives Hye the opportunity to continue the growth of the company.

Office building

In the fall of 2011, the construction started on the new office building for the firms Hye and Argex. The design, created by a renowned architectural office, called Jaspers-Eyers , provides an attractive, modern and representative building with grandeur. The new offices are multifunctional and flexible, hence the building will not form a restriction for the constant growth of both companies. Further emphasis went to low energy consumption and comfort, which was reflected in a sophisticated HVAC system that provides all employees with an ideal working environment. The new office provides space for about 70 employees, each with a beautiful view on the Scheldt.

Steel workshop

To ensure that the coordination between expertise and production occurs fluently, it was also opted to construct a new steel workshop in the immediate vicinity of the offices. A concrete industrial building with a floor area of 84 m by 48 m and a height of 12,5 m was chosen. A gate of 9 m by 15 m was provided at the rear, which makes it possible to transport large finished parts to the various hydraulic engineering projects via the water.
In terms of lifting and handling capacity, the steel workshop is equipped with two 25-ton, two 10-ton and two 5-ton overhead cranes. in the future, that major investment will pay off by way of time saving and the size of the parts that can be manufactured.
Moreover, the modernized equipment with CNC-controlled flame-cutting tables, automatic saws and drills give a new dimension to the in-house steel production.

Warehouses and workshops

To supply our construction yards, there are two warehouses located on the new site: a depot for consumables and small equipment, which is partly computerized, and a depot for electric supplies.
Moreover, the electricians and mechanics have extensive workshops at their disposal, where the equipment and fleet can rapidly be repaired and maintained in-house.




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