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‘Hye Milieu’ (Environment) takes over some of Bremcon's tasks

Since 1996, the company Bremcon has been specialized in soil decontamination and soil recycling. In the future, we plan to serve you even better and more efficiently by maximizing the synergy between our subsidiary, Bremcon, and Hye. As a company, Bremcon remains active for the reusing or cleaning of soil and other mineral waste. However, the soil decontamination projects department has completely been assigned to Hye and, in the future, it will be referred to as ‘Hye Milieu’. Over the years, Hye has acquired sufficient expertise in the implementation of major water engineering works to also make your project into a success. Quality, at a competitive price: two key elements that ‘Hye Milieu’ feels very strongly about. Parent company Hye also has its own extensive range of machinery which clearly results in better control during the works.

Hye Milieu

The many years of industrial activity in Belgium have clearly left a mark: our soil is contaminated in many ways and in many places (abandoned industrial sites, old city gas plants, fuel stations, dry cleaners, ...). Hence, the decontamination of soil and ground water is an issue which many corporate and government officials are sooner or later confronted with. However, soil decontamination is a complex and multifaceted issue ...


With ‘Hye Milieu’ as decontamination contractor you are cooperating with a specialized and experienced partner, who knows what he is doing and who assists you (pro-)actively in solving your soil problems - whether it involves excavation, scum and zinc layer removal, ground water purification or on-site decontamination. ‘Hye Mileu’ is an informed contractor who thinks along with the customer and highly values the quality of the implementation. ‘Hye Milieu’ does not apply standard solutions. Each decontamination is customized, thus enhancing the project as efficiently as possible.

From this business philosophy, ‘Hye Milieu’ enjoys working in a project team. Naturally, ‘Hye Milieu’ also takes on decontamination projects obtained via a normal invitation to tender procedure, both private and for the government.


Environmental excavation

The excavation of a contamination is the fastest form of soil decontamination. The contaminated soil is excavated under controlled conditions and transported to our soil recycling centre for cleaning.
The stability of adjoining buildings and constructions often has to be taken into account. ‘Hye Milieu’ has extensive experience in the application of stabilizing measures, such as dams and concrete walls and various formwork systems.


Ground water purification

In many cases, contamination is not only limited to the ground, but the ground water is also contaminated.
‘Hye Milieu’ applies a wide range of (ground) water purification techniques so that any kind of ground water contamination can be efficiently dealt with .


Scum and zinc layer decontamination

A layer of pure product often appears on the ground water level:
a scum layer. Also, contrary, some contaminants may sink to an impermeable layer that then forms a zinc coating.
Such layers can be removed through excavation, skimming in an open pit or via a number of specific pumping techniques.


On-site decontamination

The presence of buildings, tanks or underground infrastructure sometimes make excavation technically impossible or financially nonfeasible. In that case, on-site decontamination may provide a solution because the contamination is removed without excavating the soil. Everything takes place underground. Using water, air, nutrients and/or additives, the contamination is removed from the soil and/or the ground water, fixed in the soil or biologically degraded.

A thorough understanding of the structure and composition of the soil and contamination on-site is an important condition for success.

With self-developed laboratory tests, modelling, simulations and on-site pilot tests, ‘Hye Milieu’ is able to provide the customer and his soil sanitation specialist insight into the achievable decontamination values, the decontamination time and the efficiency of the various remediation variants. This makes it possible to obtain clear agreements regarding implementation and budgeting.


Technical Services

‘Hye Milieu’ develops, builds and maintains its own facilities. Our nationally operating service network ensures a quick installation on-site and an adequate follow-up of the project.


Quality through customization and continuous innovation

The quality of the remediation depends on several factors.
Extensive experience, a well-oiled technical service and continuous support from our own knowledge centre are our guarantees for a successful remediation.



What distinguishes ‘Hye Milieu’ from its competitors is its knowledge centre: a group of experts in various fields concerning soil remediation who not only establish the most optimal remediation solutions, but also conduct applied research and development on a full-time basis. This leads to continuous innovation in the area of available techniques.


General contracting

‘Hye Milieu’ does not limit itself to the actual soil decontamination. All subsequent activities are also in good hands with ‘Hye Milieu’: demolition work, tank cleaning and removal, re-paving of clinker, asphalt and concrete pavements and industrial floors, installation of new tanks or fuel stations, redesigning garages, sewage works, green construction, etc...
Hye Milieu combineert alle deelaspecten tot een krachtige totaaloplossing.
‘Hye Milieu’ combines all aspects into a powerful comprehensive solution. In this way, ‘Hye Milieu’ customers' only require one contact point for all activities.




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